Mission and Vision

The Mission Statement of FTC

“Friends Theological College equips pastoral ministers who will be thoughtful listeners, effective evangelists, dynamic preachers, informed educators, and models of integrity.”

The Vision of FTC

The vision of FTC is to train and empower pastoral ministers for spiritual growth, personal development and academic excellence for global ministries.

Statement of Faith

Being a Quaker institution, FTC members believe in God as the Creator and sustainer of the world, they confess His Son Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour, and submit to the guidance and power of the Holy Spirit in their worship, their personal lives, and their administration of the church. FTC upholds Quaker values namely simplicity, honesty, integrity, peace, sharing and equality of all people.

The Educational Objectives of FTC
  • To prepare pastors and leaders for Christian service, especially for the Friends Church in Africa.
  • To encourage dedication to academic progress, personal development, and spiritual growth.
  • To integrate faith and learning while focusing on the process of maturing in Christ.
  • To maintain the highest standards possible in training men and women for leadership.
  • To protect, promote, and encourage the teaching of the Bible as understood by Friends.
  • To prepare theologically gifted students for further study.