Academic Calendar

Academic Calendar

Friends Theological College has two different calendars to suit the needs and other commitments of its students. The first calendar consists of two semesters. The first semester begins in September and ends in December. The second semester begins in January and ends in June. The dates for 2018 are January 2 to June 4. The detailed calendar for this term is available for download here. These dates from the detailed calendar are also shown on the Events Calendar under the “News” menu.

The second type of calendar is called the “school-based” or “modular” calendar. The name comes from its dates being based on the holidays in the primary and secondary schools in Kenya, allowing teachers, administrators, and chaplains to pursue a diploma or bachelor’s degree while continuing with their employment at a school. Men and women in other careers who are able to attend the classes during these dates may also choose to enroll. There are three terms per academic year, each approximately three weeks in length and students are in class essentially all day during the terms. The dates for the three terms in 2018 are April 8-28; August 5-25; November 15 to December 18.

The academic calendar generally takes the following shape:


Last three weeks August – School-based classes
Mon last week August – Residential students arrive 4:00pm
Tues last week August – Registration and orientation new students
Wed last week August – Residential classes begin


10 October – Moi Day
20 October – Heroes Day
Sat 3rd week October – Graduation
Last week October – Graduation break


Mon 1st week November – Residential students return 4:00pm
Tues 1st week November – Residential classes resume
3rd week November – School-based students’ classes start
Last week Nov /1st week December – Residential reading week


1st and 2nd or 2nd and 3rd weeks December – Residential examinations
12 December – Jamhuri Day
3rd or 4th week December – School-based students dismissed


Mon 2nd week January – Residential students report
Tuesday 2nd week January – Residential classes begin


Sat 2nd week March – Special Entrance Exam (to diploma)
Fri 3rd week March – Residential students’ holiday begins
Date determined by Kenyan government schools – School-based students arrive and begin classes


Date determined by Kenyan government schools – School-based students dismissed
Mon 4th week April – Residential classes resume


1 May – Labour Day
4th week May – Residential reading week


1st and 2nd weeks June – Residential examinations