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The Certificate programme in pastoral ministry provides an entry level course of studies for those who have had limited opportunities for previous academic studies, but are capable individuals and who desire to prepare themselves for various ministries. It provides a foundation for pastoral work and other leadership positions and with good performance may allow entry into the Diploma program. Among the courses at the Certificate level are: Old Testament Survey, Biblical Interpretation, Basic Pastoral Ministry, Church Administration, Introduction to Christian Theology, New Testament Survey, Basic Homiletics, Basic Pastoral Counseling, Christian Education, and Introduction to Quakerism.

The residential format of the programme consists of full-time study for two semesters, from September through June, on the Kaimosi campus.

The Certificate programme is offered in modular format during the holidays of Kenya schools (March-April, August, and November-December) on the main campus as well as at the Lugulu, Lugari and Nairobi campuses.

FTC Brochure 2019

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The normal minimum admission requirement is Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) with D+ grade. However, mature students who may not qualify for direct entry but have had minimum schooling as well as other professional experiences for two or more years may apply for consideration. A limited number of students will be admitted on this basis. For more information on admissions procedures, see the Applications Forms page.

The Advanced Certificate in Chaplaincy provides opportunities for those with previous pastoral experience to develop chaplaincy competencies within particular settings, such as primary and secondary schools, colleges, hospitals, prisons, and children’s homes. Those who enroll may already have the equivalent of a Diploma, but wish to prepare themselves for chaplaincy opportunities. This programme is offered at both Kaimosi and Lugulu in the modular format and in Kaimosi in both modular and residential. A Certificate in pastoral ministry is a requirement for admission in the advanced certificate.