The Bachelor in Theology degree programme is designed for students seeking more advanced preparation for pastoral ministry and church leadership, as well as preparation for higher levels of theological and ministry studies. This is a four-year programme, but students entering with a record of high performance in a recognized Diploma in Theology programme and who perform well in the first semester of bachelor’s degree studies may receive advanced standing in the the FTC degree programme.

FTC Brochure 2019

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The bachelors degree is offered in both residential and modular formats on the Kaimosi campus.

The programme covers the fields of Christian theology, advanced Biblical studies, advanced ethics, advanced Christian ministry, advanced theological studies, historical studies, Quaker faith and practice, peace and conflict transformation, African Christian theology, and studies of the contemporary world. In the event FTC reaches its goal of ACTEA accreditation of its bachelors of theology programme, those graduating from FTC with this degree will be favorably positioned to apply for admission to a masters level programme in these fields.