The Diploma in Theology programme is designed for students with a C- and above in their secondary school education or those with strong marks in the pastoral ministry certificate from FTC or from another recognized theological college. The primary objective of the programme is to meaningfully integrate academic, spiritual, and experiential learning with theory and practical skills in ministry. The programme also serves to prepare students who may wish to seek enrollment in the bachelor’s level of study.

FTC Brochure 2019

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One form of the diploma programme is offered according to the “school-based” (Modular) calendar. This means that the dates may vary from year to year, since it is scheduled to coincide with the calendars of Kenya schools, so as to make it available for teachers, administrators, and counselors. Another form of the diploma programme is offered in residential format on the FTC campus and taught in collaboration with St. Paul’s University in Limuru.

Among the courses taught in both of these programmes are: Introduction to Old Testament, Introduction to New Testament, Church History 1-2, Old Testament Texts 1-2, New Testament Texts 1-2, Church History 1-2, Introduction to Psychology, Introduction to Sociology, Christian Worship, Dimensions of Pastoral Ministry, Quaker History, Quaker Theology, Homiletics, Systematic Theology, and Introduction to Islam. Substantial supervision of the student’s practical growth in spirituality and ministry is monitored through site visits and on-going formation activities.