Practical Ministry

Students are provided with opportunities for practical ministry in local Friends churches and schools or in churches of their own denominations. Many of the strategies of Christian ministry are covered in the FTC classes, but students learn as much or more about ministry by doing these things as by discussing them in class. When students start their ministry studies at FTC, they may wrongly assume that the public functions of a pastor, such as preaching, are the most important ways they serve their churches. But by being given the chance to observe and assist in such parts of the ministry such as burials, weddings, and child dedications, they are more completely prepared for ministry than they would be from classroom learning alone. Students are expected to take part in practical ministry opportunities at a level appropriate to their studies and their previous ministry experience. This practical experience culminates in the final year of their programme in a multi-week “attachment” in a church, a school, or some other appropriate place of service. The effectiveness of their work is evaluated by a leader at the place of service as well as a member of the FTC faculty.