Qualifications for Admission

Admission to Certificate Programmes

The certificate programs in pastoral ministry provides an entry level course of studies for those who have had limited opportunities to study previously, but are capable individuals desiring to prepare themselves for various ministries. Normal minimum admission qualification is the Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE). However, mature students without secondary school education may apply for consideration. With good performance in the certificate courses and passing marks on the Special Entrance Examinations, such students may progress to the diploma level.

Some who have high marks on the KCSE may choose to enroll in the certificate programs, since they find the content and length of the certificate programme appropriate to their needs, their work, and their family responsibilities. Some students may apply for the certificate programme as a means of strengthening their performance in written and oral English. With successful performance at the certificate level, they may later pursue enrollment in the FTC diploma and degree programs.

Admission to Advanced Certificate Programmes

Advanced certificate programs require a minimum previous preparation for ministry equivalent to the FTC certificate in pastoral ministry. Students with more advanced qualifications may also find the specialized training of the chaplaincy programs useful for their specific ministry goals.

Admission to Diploma Programmes

Students with KSCE marks of C plain (mean) qualify for admission to the diploma upon submitting the appropriate materials to the FTC Registrar and Admissions Committee. Students with a KSCE mean grade of C- may be admitted provided they have C plain grades in their English and Swahili courses in secondary school.

Admission to the Bachelor of Theology Programme

Admission requires a C+ (mean) on the KCSE or successful completion of the Diploma programme at FTC or a comparable theological college. At the end of their first semester in the BTh program, students with previous theological study may apply for advanced standing based on the quality and scope of their previous theological training and their performance in the BTh courses at FTC.

Admission as a Special Student

Students who have a passion for ministry but do not meet the requirements for admission in any academic programme at FTC, may with the approval of the Academic Committee be registered as special students and may by the end of their studies be awarded a Licentiate.