Wafula and Family

April 2019 Newsletter from the Principal

We thank God for the modular program that ran very well and ended last weekend with exams on Saturday. The modular program is a three-week intensive study in the months of April, August, and four weeks in December. The students have been very hard at work and committed to their studies. The library has been busy 7 days a week from 8 am to 10 pm! Due to our growing pains I mentioned last month, we delayed the residential students until 28th April to avoid overlap and overcrowding on campus. Our total enrollment this term stands at 249 students on all campuses! With 65 Kaimosi residential and 86 modular, 19 in Lugulu campus, 23 at Lugari, 37 at Kitale and 19 in Nairobi, we need to think very quickly now how we will accommodate the August modular programs. Applications are still coming in!! Praise the Lord.

We are so grateful for visiting lecturer Georgia Fuller (Baltimore YM) who was here all month. She has been coming once or twice a year now since 2011. She taught a course called “Dimensions of Pastoral Ministry” which was well received this module. She also blessed the FTC Library with children’s resources and books which will help our students but also be a blessing to the children of faculty and staff who live on campus and are a part of our ministry and community. Several afternoons she had campus kids over to her guest home for story time and fellowship. Lastly, Georgia supplied our new Health and Wellness center with some donations of over-the-counter medications and reading glasses which were sent by the Lions Club in her home town. She has surely been a blessing to us all! Georgia left campus on Sunday, April 28 to spend a couple of days with the McConaugheys before flying off back to the U.S.
Over the Easter weekend, a team of 9 Diploma-3 students traveled to Narok to help Pastor David Muniafu of Nairobi YM with some outreach ministry to the Maasai communities. Pastor David is a bachelor of Theology degree modular student and requested the assistance of the team for door-to-door visitation and special services. John and Grace Losike of Turkana Friends Mission also joined them on this mission. The team was led by Meshack Musindi, Dean of Students at FTC. Overall it was a good ministry experience for all involved.

April 17-21 I was privileged to attend the Friends Church of Kenya (FCK) Triennial and to be a topical speaker on “Ethical Church Leadership and Succession Plans.” There was a good turnout and a positive atmosphere. In addition to times of worship and teaching, new officers were approved and some resolutions passed for this next triennium. Please pray with us for unity and growth among the Friends churches of Kenya and for its future.
Dr. Robert J. Wafula
Tel. +254 734 728564
Email: robertw@fum.org

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  • For modular students as they finish exams and travel home and for the residential students as they return.
  • For Georgia Fuller as she travels back to the US this early May.
  • For new FCK officers as they work to bring the church together and move us ahead.
  • That the modular program has run well without any problems.
  • That God is opening the hearts of pastors and leaders to receive more training.
  • For seeing the fruits of all my travels and speaking in growing enrollment.
  • For Friends who support the mission of FTC through prayers and finances so that we survive and thrive.