Edna Tadayo

December 2017 Newsletter from the Principal

Dear Friends,

I write to you this December, saddened to share that Edna Tadayo (pictured above) passed away on November 18, 2017, of a gunshot wound. Edna had served as the Front Desk Receptionist at Friends Theological College (FTC) for about a year-and-a-half. She was also the single mother of a five-year-old daughter, Shantel Mmbone.

The day before, November 17, Edna went out for her regular grocery shopping. A confrontation occurred between the police and the driver of a matatu (private minivan taxi), and Edna was accidentally shot by a stray bullet fired by the police. She was rushed to Jumuia Kaimosi Mission Hospital, then transferred to the Intensive Care Unit at another hospital in Kisumu. Edna passed away around 1:30pm on November 18.

On November 28, a memorial service was held for Edna at the FTC chapel, and was attended by many. All the institutions with the Kaimosi complex were represented and also representatives from the shopping center. On November 29, Edna’s body was transported for burial to her father’s home. She was buried the following day at her father’s property. Edna’s funeral was attended by all the yearly meetings in Kenya. All the FTC faculty, staff, and students were present and participated. People disbursed after the burial.

A case is currently being pursued by the Independent Police Oversight Authority (IPOA) against the police department regarding Edna’s passing. IPOA serves as an ambassador between the police and the public. They were present at the post-mortem, and they recorded their statements. The Criminal Investigations Department (CID) also received statements from witnesses at the shopping center. The case investigation is ongoing with compensation being pursued for Edna’s family.

Also, an education fund is being set up for Edna’s young daughter, Shantel. We are seeking to raise funds in Kenya, the United States, and all over the world. The fund will benefit Shantel for primary, elementary, and high school and through university. We are seeking to raise funds by the end of March 2018 with a goal of $15,000 USD, or 1.5 million Kenya shillings. Friends who are located outside Kenya may donate to the education fund by clicking on this link, choosing “Other” from the drop-down menu, and writing “Edna’s Fund” in the comments field on the last screen. Donors within Kenya can send their contribution to MPesa paybill 514608.

Gathering for Prayer

Gathering for prayer at the start of a campus work day at FTC

In other news, the FTC modular students complete their module this Friday, December 15. They will finish their exams and go on recess until April 2018. The FTC residential students are already on their December holidays; they will resume classes on January 2, 2018.

Currently, I and other FTC staff are involved in visiting the many United Society of Friends Women (USFW) and Young Friends Program conferences that happen during the month of December. We are visiting, doing some speaking, and working on developing student enrollment while at the gatherings. We are preparing for the September 2018 admissions at FTC, although there may be some who are ready to join in the April 2018 modular program or even this January 2018.

Thank you, Friends, for all your support and prayers for this ministry.

Dr. Robert J. Wafula
Tel. +254 734 728564
Email: robertw@fum.org

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  • Praises for the FTC students who came together when we had the tragedy of Edna Tadayo’s passing. Everyone participated well. Many thanks to God for keeping everyone’s spirits high and for the generosity of many, including those who collected funds for the funeral.
Prayer Requests
  • Prayers for the successful campaign to raise funds to see that Edna’s daughter, Shantel, has the good, quality education that her mother could have provided.
  • Prayers for the family of Edna for the loss they encountered. We pray that God may give them strength. We pray for Shantel, that God may give her strength as she goes through this in her life.
  • We ask for prayers for traveling mercies for FTC students as they return for break and rest at their homes. Prayers for the students as many participate in USFW gatherings at their churches.
  • Pray that the recent letter to donors for my ministry fund yields a strong response, and that I can continue into my second term of service without interruption.