Robert Wafula with Faculty

Pledge Support for Robert Wafula’s Leadership

Has it really been over three years since Robert Wafula came to FTC? Yes, it has! Which means it’s time to top up his ministry fund, which supports 100% of his living and ministry costs. Click here to indicate your support for Robert’s leadership of the college. Every gift counts!

Robert Wafula began serving as Principal of Friends Theological College in October of 2014. His first three-year term was fully-funded by generous pledges from over 170 supporters, both individuals and meetings/churches. Now that FUM has renewed Robert’s call for a second term, it’s time to top up his support balance again. Already 67 of Robert’s previous donors have renewed their support. But there’s a need for additional donors, in order to fully-fund his 2017-2020 contract. Every gift counts, and we’re so grateful for you support!