Woodbrooke Visitors

Visiting Woodbrooke Tutors Lead Classes

Africa’s hub for top quality Quaker education, the Friends Theological College Kaimosi (FTC) has hosted four tutors from Europe’s only Quaker Study Centre, Woodbrooke Quaker Study Centre (Birmingham, England). It (Woodbrooke) was founded by George Cadbury in 1903 and occupies his former home on the Bristol Road. George Cadbury is the famous chocolate maker, Woodbrooke has been offering adult education since 1903. It’s first Director of Studies was the Biblical scholar J. Rendel Harris.

The tutors: Martin Layton, Jasmine P., Ursula Fuller & Michael Eccles are in Kenya this week leading sessions on eldership, oversight, stewardship and clerking. The FTC Principal, Dr. Robert J. Wafula guided the guests on a tour of the serene campus now equipped with new walkways and other infrastructure development. The FUM Africa Ministries Office Director John Muhangi gave them a lift to and from the FTC.